In 2010 we decided to combine our experience of working with both children and dogs. As a result, our adventure with The Education with The Dogs has begun. Then we started to run The Polish Therapy Dog Centre based on both our knowledge and the experience of the people we met on our way. Not only is a cooperation important for us in The Polish Therapy Dog Centre but also sharing the experience and observations on the world of dogs and people.

The first classes with the dog took place in 2010. It was the year of planning, coming up with ideas and preparing the teaching aids. Our warehouse, that used to be placed in one box, is now 30m2. The Education with The Dogs has grown bigger and bigger due to sponsors and partners.

We can realise our plans and dreams, first of all, thanks to our dogs. The first dog that has paved the way for a dog therapy is Largo. We have had so much work to do that nowadays Largo shares a sofa and a green carpet with Bruno, Gama and Blues. What is more, we often invite the people and their dogs working in a dog therapy to join us as there is still a lot of work. These people have become our friends.

We take our dogs almost everywhere, for instance, at the sea, on school trips, to camps and four-star hotels. Wherever we are, we teach how to respect animals.

We have regular educational classes with dogs in various educational institutions including kindergartens, schools or schools of special educational needs. Our dogs bring comfort and support to hospitalized children and senior residents in care homes.

The Polish Therapy Dog Centre has been opened to provide a comfortable working environment for our dogs. Animals and adults are welcomed to participate in the dog therapy courses and trainings.

We are aware everything is possible if we want to achieve something. What is more, we are impressed with our development and actions as we have had educational classes with dogs with around 95 000 children so far, we have travelled around 300 000km and we have organised over 140 events with dogs in Poland.

No statistcs can show how much joy our dogs have brought us and children.



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