The individual training course “A dog therapy in practice”

The Polish Therapy Dog Centre has been on the market since 2010 and the dogs have played the most important part in our life since then. Courses, trainings, work, looking for new ways and ideas to make our dog therapy classes more and more beneficial to the clients and at the same time the least damaging for the dogs is our cup of tea.

Having 10 years of experience in animal-assisted therapy, we are convinced of being ready to invite you to the Course of a Dog Therapy in Practice in our wooden house.

During the individual course that lasts 3 days we focus on your needs and expectations.

Not only do specialists in an animal-assisted therapy participate in the course to get inspired to work, but also people who want to take their first steps in a dog therapy. During 3 days you can find out what animal-assisted therapy is, how to enter a market, how to develop your skills, how to meet your clients’ expectations and take care of your dog at the same time.

The programme of our course is prepared individually each time to meet a trainee’s expectations. However, there are always included some issues connected with theory, work standards, legal aspects, such as:

The introduction of Animal-Assisted Therapy – history, aims and receivers, main guidelines for work with a dog.
• Qualifications and standards for both an animal assisted therapist and a dog, work standards.
• The role of a dog in Animal-Assisted Therapy – dog’s etiological work standards in a therapy.
• Criteria for choosing a therapy dog. Socialisation, needs and dog welfare.
• Animal-Assisted Therapy as an educational, therapeutic, remedial, socialisation process.
• Effective marketing in Animal-Assisted Therapy.

Due to the fact that our course is individual, we can personalise it – meetings with workers of an animal shelter, police or fire dog trainers, groomers and psychologists can be organised.

The only criteria for preparing a programme especially for you are your expectations and paying your attention to needs of a dog that accompanies you.

During a course we put emphasis on practice and situations you may have in a daily work. Every day we visit around 6-10 groups of children. In each group we have different activities to inspire you. After classes we discuss conditions, means and forms of implementation of intended goals during dog therapy classes. Besides, the body language of dogs taking part in classes is discussed as we want to pay your attention to dog welfare.

During our long-term job we have gained a lot of experience. What’s more, we learn what mistakes we shouldn’t make, which activities are the most effective, how to work to make both a dog and a participant satisfied. You can draw on our knowledge and experience for the whole 3 days – it often leads to long discussions until morning.

Our course has been evaluated since 2014. It was the year we invited the first trainee to our wooden house. Since that time we have shared our experience with over 150 trainees, have seen other people’s points of view on Animal-Assisted Therapy and have made friends. Ibra, Vesta, Jakob, Zuma, Barry, Simon, Dżina… are just a few dogs that for the first time went to a kindergarten with us and are incessantly successful at work.

To sum up, why is our course worth taking into consideration?
we have been on the market since 2010
– a dog therapy is our way of life
– we know how to make a dog ready for work

your dog can be observed by experienced specialists in an animal-assisted therapy
you will learn how to choose a dog and work with it
– you can socialise a dog in the conditions it is supposed to work

we cooperate recurrently with 30 institutions
– we have prevention programmes in around 200 institutions every year
– we have classes in hospitals, daily support centres
– we work in kindergartens, integrated and special education kindergartens
– we share our experience about every day work

After a course our door is open for you as you receive:
– 10 hours of personal or phone consultations
– opinions on your team a man – a dog
– a 10% forever discount on purchase of
teaching aids available in our online shop
– a discount of 200zl on first purchase of
teaching aids available in our online shop

several examples of educational and promotional materials
– access to products only for our trainees and regular customers
– our trainees’ annual meetings – a participation in a brainstorming session with specialists in an animal-assisted therapy

Date: arranged individually
Duration:  3 days
Number of trainees:  1
Place of the course: Czechowice-Dziedzice, 32d Cienista Street
Cost:  5000zl – no board and lodging, 6000zl – board and lodging

Call 513195475 or 322159999. Make sure if animal-assisted therapy is just for you. You’re welcome.