About us

The Polish Therapy Dog Centre is, first of all, a group of the people and the dogs that have become the integral part of the people’s lives. Both teachers, special education teachers, therapists and behaviourists work with us.


I started my adventure with a dog therapy in 2010 and since that time dogs have become a part of my life. I have regular classes and carry out training courses on a dog therapy. On the basis of my experience I teach people how to recognize dogs’ needs. In my opinion, in a dog therapy both a well-prepared dog and working according to some standards play the most important part. The good standards of a dog therapy for me assume that a dog is not seen as a superhero or a therapist but just a dog, our partner and friend whose canine nature we should respect.


For a few years I have worked as a teacher in a kindergarten. I’m also a special education teacher and have dog therapy classes in both a school of special educational needs and a kindergarten. Children are my passion and dogs are my love. That’s why, I do my best to combine these two worlds through friendship and understanding.


For years I have worked as a physiotherapist. Nowadays I also work as a dog therapist in rehabilitation or childcare centres, sociotherapeutic youth clubs, schools and kindergartens. I also carry out training courses for people whose passions are children and dogs.


I graduated from the Faculty of Art and Pedagogy. I work as an art teacher at school. I’m also a former ski contestant and a Polish Ski Association instructor with long experience. My passions are mountains and all kinds of dogs. I believe “angels sometimes have four paws instead of wings.” At work I try to combine all my passions, such as love to dogs, the satisfaction of working with them and the joy children bring – their smiles are precious.

Our dogs

The Education with The Dogs is, first of all, our four-legged friends. Our dogs are consciously chosen and properly socialised since the first days of their lives. We do our best to train and make them comfortable in every situation. We care about their canine nature and let them be dogs.

After a few years of working in a dog therapy we took vests with patches “A dog therapist” off our dogs. At work our partners are just… dogs. They are not therapists as therapists are the people who have a defined purpose of their actions. Our dogs have no super powers… their canine nature is their super power and you can’t change them into cushions. Our dogs are, first of all, safe and properly socialised. We take them when we go on holiday or visit our family at Christmas. They can bark at a cat or a postman, chase a bird, jump on sofas and play in puddles. On the other hand, they are well-prepared to work and at work they are professional.


It’s the first dog in The Polish Therapy Dog Centre. We started our adventure with a dog therapy with Largo. He has taught us what the world of dogs is about. He’s an irreplaceable helper at work with children as he’s patient and balanced. His only disadvantage is the fact he can eat everything.


He’s a typical Golden Retriever as he’s energetic, active and cheerful. Due to his great need for moving, we can keep fit. He always finds a puddle, a river or a pond. At work he is joyful, calm and eager to come into contact with people.


This dog with a charming glance has a marvellous attitude to a man. He likes people, especially older ones and can’t sit quietly by someone’s smile. At work as a typical spaniel he makes lots of controlled fuss and noise.


Our princess… without a job. Gama is the best example of the fact an ideal home dog can not always work as a dog therapist even though she finished a lot of courses and passed various exams. She has taught us what a canine nature means. Although she doesn’t work and makes a lot of fuss, we can’t imagine our wooden house without her.


He’s the youngest in our team. He has just started working in a dog therapy. Children say it’s a dog with a beard but the truth is it’s just… a Wire Fox Terrier. Toro loves playing with a ball, running and fetching toys. Toro is a sophisticated tourist as he knows almost every mountain in the Żywiec Beskids.