Regular classes and supporting children’s development

We have regular educational and therapy classes. Our dogs bring comfort and support to hospitalized children and senior residents in care homes. At work we use our original programmes and have our own original teaching aids that make classes more attractive.

Due to classes with a dog’s participation, children can expand their knowledge in an unusual way. A dog’s presence and the atmosphere of the classes let a child learn easier and faster. A dog is an exceptional motivator to take various actions.

Each classes are adjusted to the age and possibilities of a group. They are accordant with the current teaching content in each group.

The aims of classes:
  • mastering gross and fine motor skills
  • vocabulary development
  • expanding a surrounding world knowledge
  • improving perceptiveness, memory and attention
  • overcoming fears
  • building self-confidence
  • obeying the rules during a contact with a dog
  • sensitizing to a dog’s needs
  • learning a dog’s body language (the most important signs, such as fear, aggression, readiness to have fun)
  • getting to know the duties we need to do if we have a dog.